It’s Easier to Double Your Sales 
Once You Know the Real Numbers
in Your Business! 
Your Back Office
Tells You What You Need to Know 
Without Guessing… 
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Your Back Office ’ allows you to Track Your Numbers, Manage
Your Team, and Control Your Operations.
Know Your Accurate Numbers in Real- Time
Accounting Snapshot
Easily keep track of Operating
Cash Flow, Profit Margin, Industry
Standards, P + L Margin and more
Get immediate insight on your
Gross Profit, Labor/Marketing,
New Income, Fulfillment Costs/
Labor Cost per Employee
Management Report
View your Performance
Indicators, Balance Sheet, and
other key metrics
The Metrics to Help Increase Your Team's Performance 
Team Tracking
Keep Track of each employees performance; get alerts about reviews, important dates and documents; and measure labor productivity.
A fast, accurate and more convenient way to run your payroll! When payroll is done the right way, you can get back to running your business. 
Gain access to HR resources,
whether it's writing a job ad,
recruiting, interviewing paperwork
or on­boarding
Works with your favorite tools
It’s Easier to Double Your Sales Once You Know the Real Numbers in Your Business!
‘Your Back Office’ Tells You What You Need to Know Without Guessing… Request an Invitation Today!

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